Britvic has a “mini-board of centennials” for its Fruit Shoot brand. P&G moves people from job to job every two years to nurture learning, contribution and innovation. OMD EMEA hosts an interactive regional webinar every Tuesday morning to create a culture of collaboration. Just Eat evaluates teams not just by business growth, but, also on promoting company core values.

These are just a few of the insights coming out of our latest Oystercatchers Club evening, held last night at the London’s May Fair hotel.

Debating “What makes a modern marketer?” Suki gathered a panel of outstanding marketers including:  P&G’s Roisin Donnelly (Brand Director, Northern Europe); Just Eat’s Barnaby Dawe (Global Chief Marketing Officer); Britvic’s Ash Tailor (Global Brand Director); and Nikki Mendonça, President OMD EMEA.

Launching the discussion, Suki commented that our industry has undergone unquantifiable changes in the last few years manipulating the context in which marketers operate. From the myriad of new digital tools at our disposal, to the relationships we have people helping us to tell the story of our brands, to the changing face of our competitors. Could Addison Lee have predicted its biggest competitor would have been app technology – Uber?  Marketing has to adapt and evolve, but to what extent and how?

Top tips emerging:

  • be curious, know the right questions to ask
  • get out of the office & be with your consumer
  • know what questions to ask, rather than knowing all the answers
  • acquire a mind-set to dive into data and apply the best tool to find the solution
  • employ people with no fear of failure
  • get out of the office and live the life of the customer

And above all: be obsessive about people as an industry. Focus on the consumer day in, day out.

Thank you to our fantastic panellists and to everyone who joined us last night.

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Our next evening ‘The Big Pitch Debate’ Clients Vs Agencies will be on the 6th July!