It’s been reported that if women started businesses at the same rate as men, global GDP would be better off to the tune of £21 trillion by 2025. Just think of what a positive impact this would have on the planet and everyone in it. If we support more female entrepreneurs in the UK, we can generate £1 billion GDP. So we at Oystercatchers, are trying to make a difference!

Suki Thompson, Oystercatchers CEO, mother of two, three-time cancer survivor and serial entrepreneur brings together an eclectic mix of experience, wisdom and practical advice in a new learning programme designed especially for entrepreneurs. Tailored for women, content is relevant for everyone seeking to set up their own business.

Explains Suki, “In a changing world, people want to live the life that suits them. Learning to Fly will help you start your own business, build a global powerhouse or just support a new way of entrepreneurial thinking. Last week’s Festival of Marketing made it clear that women don’t just want to smash through the glass ceiling, they want to build their own towers.’

Learning to Fly includes a series of inspiring and helpful training modules; tips from highly successful entrepreneurs; insightful videos and interactive Q&A sessions. Skills taught include: how to write a business plan; access capital; delegate and network; create a social media campaign; how to sell; understand finance and how to make money; and, how to be a great leader.

Jo Malone, Martha Lane-Fox, Steve Parish, Jacquie Stevenson and Dan Gilbert have all signed up to share their experiences as course leaders.

We are offering a special discount for early bird sign ups £599 instead of the course price of £799.

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If you’d like to contact Suki directly, please drop her an email on