Sally AbbottSally Abbott: What surprised me most about Oystercatchers was not only do they have a very thorough understanding of the industry, and they can select the agencies which they think will best suit the client, it was much smoother than I expected. I thought it might be difficult fielding a team from the client to meet a whole bunch of agencies several times against one brief. We invited all of the agencies up to head office, so they could come and see us and see our factory site and I had anticipated that it would be a really complicated, difficult process actually, and I was quite nervous about jamming that processed into a relatively short period of time. As it turned out, it was a really straightforward process. We didn’t have to worry about anything, all the administrative work was taking care of by Vic at Oystercatchers and we were looked after through the whole process to it became really pleasurable process, despite actually losing the incumbent agency and engaging a new agency which can be quite difficult. In fact, it was such a smooth process it gave us the confidence to move into a second pitch process a couple of months later.

Sally Abbott: They also have another layer of expertise in that they can guide each agency to feel the right team, that will guarantee the best relationship between the client and the agency and I think that has made a dramatic difference to the work that we saw during the pitch process, but also the relationships that we now have with the pains that we work with.

Sally Abbott: Oystercatchers do stay in touch with me and it’s been 12 months now since we started the process. Frankly, I can’t shake them off and I would always turn to Oystercatchers if I were going through this process again. Why wouldn’t I – they did a great job for me.

Sally Abbott: I’m not sure if there is just one thing that keeps me awake at night. I think great people – it doesn’t matter if they are in your agency or if they are in your team or in your company, I think people make a difference. They make a difference to your ability to get great work, they make a difference to your ability to deliver your results, they make a difference to enjoying days in the office or days at work. It’s all down to the people at the end of the day, no matter which brand you work and which part of the industry to work in. You’ve got to work with great people, and if you haven’t got great people and if you can’t get great people, that is what will keep you awake at night. That is what keeps me awake at night.

Sally Abbott: What are Oystercatchers useless at? Nothing, Peter. Choice of glasses, ties and socks. I would say that keep Peter Cowie is I think particularly useless at. But apart from that, no, nothing.