Fujitsu’s UK & Ireland Marketing Director Vince Kerr Talks About Oystercatchers

Vince Kerr Marketing Director UK & Ireland FujitsuVince Kerr: We’ve worked with Oystercatchers, because for the first time ever Fujitsu is launching a global brand and we felt that we needed some real inside experience within the industry to help us select an agency that would work effectively with us and the work they have done for us is very, very positive about them as a group; real expertise and understanding of the industry and the market and the selection process was actually really easy for us. I know it was difficult for them pulling it all together, but we ended up with some quality agencies on the shortlist and we are extremely pleased with where we’ve arrived.

Vince Kerr: Oystercatchers added value in a number of ways for us. As I said, in terms of their experience in the industry and who they brought to us, they really lifted our eyes and gave us some a really broad perspective on who was available and who they felt could work with us; so that breadth was really positive and then in terms of how we started to assess the structure they put into the selection process again was extremely helpful. Because with all these things being very, very subjective when you are looking at an agency, selecting agencies, so to have something that is like a touchstone so you can get back to a more objective than subjective. So you have a balance with that; that was probably the most helpful thing they did. The people at Oystercatchers have been an absolute pleasure to work with, the guys that we worked with particularly – Angus and Suki– I keep using the term expertise, but it is clear that they have been in the industry for a while and they know a lot of people, they know a lot about what is going on. But great people to work with as well. Our style as an organisation is collaborative and Oystercatchers is exactly the same, so it is a real good fit.