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Brooklyn Brothers and WaterWipes Launches TVC that shows babies' skin like never before

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A new TVC for the world’s purest baby wipe brand, WaterWipes, aims to inspire self-belief in parents by featuring the most honest depiction of babies’ skin ever shown in the category of baby care.


Made with Earned-First advertising agency, The Brooklyn Brothers, the 20” TV spot celebrates babies’ skin in unapologetic, indulgent detail, shining a unique light on diversity in skin types, colours and conditions.


The spot is designed to challenge the unrealistic depictions of ‘perfect’, unblemished baby skin seen in competitor brand adverts and in social influencer posts, which can lead parents to worry their baby is different or unwell, and that they are therefore failing their little one somehow.


By portraying baby skin in an intimate and honest way – and showing common conditions such as cradle cap and nappy rash - WaterWipes aims to normalise 'real’ skin and reassure parents that they and their baby are doing just fine.


The films obsess those little everyday moments through skin that bring parent and baby closer together. Rather than casting actors, the TVC features six real-life families, showing the soothing rubs and pats, kisses, strokes and repetitive wiping of skin that all parents delight in.


To give the TVC an aesthetic that reflects the realism of the campaign and captures the unparalleled purity and beauty of babies’ skin, The Brooklyn Brothers turned to acclaimed food photographer and director, Jason Lowe. His visceral and highly sensorial style made him a leftfield but brilliant choice for capturing the fine details and delicious nature of babies’ skin. Indeed, it is the first time a food director has been used in this way in the category.


Lowe was partnered with DoP Suzie Lavelle, perhaps known best for her recent work on the BBC TV series Normal People. Her experience of shooting the most intimate of cinematographic scenarios was invaluable in capturing scenes between real parents and baby – as well as the delicacy and beauty of all babies’ skin types. 


Amanda Smith from WaterWipes, says: “Culture and baby care advertising can often make parents feel worried and inadequate that their baby doesn’t have perfect, faultless skin.


But the average baby experiences several conditions, from milk spots and newborn acne, to cradle cap. All very common and very normal.”


“We saw this as an opportunity to not just show parents that we understand skin like no other brand, but actually change the conversation in the category by creating a TV ad that doesn’t just broadcast to parents, but empowers them.”


Cali Oliver, Creative Director, says: “Taking an earned-first approach to TV advertising means rising above the noise with content that adds genuine value to the audience’s lives or the wider world.”


“In creating a uniquely-visceral film about baby skin, we wanted to appeal to both the core audience of new parents, but also any parent who remembers how special a baby’s skin is. In this sense, it’s an ad for any parent, no matter how old their children.”


The spot is the latest chapter in the ground-breaking #ThisIsParenthood brand platform, launched in 2019, which champions a more honest conversation around the highs and lows of real parenting.


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