Photobox - Let's Go Make Stories

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In an overly saccharine photo printing category, Photobox was a brand that had lost relevance and was struggling to connect with a younger audience. Our challenge was to speak to that audience and inspire them to start printing photos again, without falling into the trap of a product category traditionally associated with sentimental nostalgia and the past.


It’s in our nature as human beings to dream about the future. We thrive on hope, on optimism, on what could be. And core to that imagined future are the people and the stories that will be in it. We are inherently social beings and our communities – our people – are the key to our happiness.


Research in 2019 shows that people who spend time in the company of their friends are twice as happy, which inspired us to reframe Photobox and its amazing products as catalysts for more moments of physical togetherness.


We developed a new long-term brand platform “Let’s Go Make Stories” which is a joyful call to arms, celebrating the stories we are yet to make with the people who matter most to us.  It’s a love letter to our shared futures. The idea is rooted in optimism about and hope for the future – we needed to engage a new audience that hadn’t previously considered photo printing products and  invite them to use Photobox products to spark new stories and create more moments of togetherness.

Our target audience was 20 and 30 something year old women across Europe, who want to get stuck into life, with their best friends at their side.  They live for the stories they create together that are at the heart of their bonds.  And they want to celebrate those friendships, now perhaps more than ever.

Within 8 weeks of appointment, we launched with 30” and 20” TV spots that invite people to look forward to a joyous time when they can be together again, and to dream of the things they’ll do more of together with the people that matter the most.


The TVC broke the cliché of photos as nostalgic tokens of sentimentality into energising invitations to create more stories with their people in the future. The business saw an immediate uptick in awareness and brand relevance scores amongst the audience in their brand health tracker, as well as increased traffic to their site during the campaign period amongst an audience they’d previously failed to appeal to.

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