Oystercatchers Fight Club - the wrap up

Phil Edmonds and Suki Thompson on all the news and take-aways from our evening of debates

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Well that was a blast!

Held at the brilliant Vinyl Factory, a basement space with a speakeasy entrance in Phonica Records, Oystercatchers Fight Club was an entertaining night of punchy debate, strong opinions and passionate arguments to a full house. We grappled with some seriously big topics, and heard convincing and clear arguments on both sides of the topics. It's never clear cut as none of these issues has a binary solution, and that was reflected in the audience voting - very close in some instances. 

Thank you to all our amazing speakers: Dan Cullen-Shute, CEO and co-founder at Creature; Michael Frohlich, CEO, Ogilvy UK; Cheryl Calverley, CMO, Eve Sleep; Tom Laranjo, MD, Total Media; Luke Smith, CEO and co-founder, Croud; and of course our own Suki Thompson.

You can watch the highlights from the evening and the individual fights here shortly.


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