Mini Squawk: Tim Greenhalgh, Chief Creative Officer, Landor & Fitch

Suki caught up with Tim to hear about Landor & Fitch, how they're helping clients and what the future looks like as they return to the office.

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Tim is Chief Creative Officer at Landor & Fitch and talks about the agencies merging over the last year. As Chief Creative Officer, he made it his mission to get to know all 387 designers by name as well as speaking to them all. The ability of the new virtual world made it easier for him to ‘travel across the globe’.

When bringing the two agencies together, culture was incredibly important for Tim to ensure curiosity remained finely tuned. Clients are coming to them with broad and complex problems and they need to be able to respond to that; the curiosity of employees ensures they’re creative and conceptual when helping clients challenge conventions. Customer behaviour has changed, which has meant they’ve evolved their approach with brands and creative fluidity has been at the forefront.   

The future of shopping is discussed – it’s now about service and not just retail. In a post-Covid world, one of the biggest questions they're being asked is what service should clients be giving customers. Is it on an app, is it face-to-face or is it something additional to what is already being offered? Purpose is everything - and they’re helping clients establish their purpose and how to bring it to life.  

Tim speaks about some of the work they’ve done for clients including: Dell, Lego and Nestlé.

Looking at Landor & Fitch’s own purpose, Tim talks about how they help the next generation of creatives, from those who have just graduated and struggling to find careers to attracting diverse talent. He further touches upon getting employees back into the office and the future of the work culture – including the dynamics of what a space should look and feel like. 

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