Mini-squawk: Lou Garrod, Managing Director, Sense

Suki and Lou discuss how to 'juggle jelly'

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100 days into lockdown, Lou shares with Suki how they've been working with their clients.

Pre-lockdown all the market indicators were showing growth and investment, and as an experiential agency, they've been particularly affected so it's been a huge change. She discusses how clients like Linda McCartney and Kind have been looking to the future whilst the now is on hold.

Suki Thompson

Founder / Chair, Oystercatchers

Suki Thompson is an entrepreneur and transformational business leader. She is CEO and co-founder of Oystercatchers and part of the Centaur management team where she is helping lead Centaur Media, the UK’s leading B2B media publisher, through a journey of transformation anchored in the ability to advise, inform and connect. Suki leads the strategic development of Oystercatchers and is the driving force behind the proprietary evaluation model Optimise™. She works with businesses on transformational change and is part of the team commercialising the ‘M3 model’ bringing marketing and digital together. Suki is also passionate about capability and learning.