Mini Squawk: Lori Meakin, Co-founder, JOINT

Lori talks about the differing challenges for clients whilst ensuring JOINT employees have felt empowered and supported

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Suki caught up with Lori Meakin of JOINT London to discuss what the last year has been like for the agency, as well as how they're looking ahead into the next 12 months.

With the last year being more intense than previously, they wanted to make sure first and foremost that those working for JOINT felt happy and empowered to enable them to achieve great work for their clients. Lori touches upon some of the challenges around that and how they've overcome them.

Lori talks about some of the clients that JOINT have worked with and the importance of strategy. Amazon for example are a client that have done well during lockdown but the challenge of scaling up whilst keeping everyone safe still needed to be addressed. VUE Cinemas on the other hand sit within the hospitality sector and have obviously been hit hard over the last year. There have been a whole host of challenges that have differed greatly between clients for JOINT of which has been fascinating.

Lori discusses the future for the agency and how the main takeaway has been to expect the unexpected and being agile enough to be able to cope to ensure clients receive the best service. Looking ahead, JOINT want to ensure they create a way of working with clients and partners which brings together the best parts of technology of the last year as well as the impending in-person meets. 

Recent work to overcome stereotypes is further spoken about and what everyone can do to help as well as brands in how they represent people. We were lucky enough to receive a couple of book recommendations from Lori which include Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez and Brandsplaining by Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts.

You can see more from JOINT here on our website.

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