Mini Squawk: Laurence Green, Executive Partner, MullenLowe

Laurence talks about the broad spread of clients within the business and how they're flexing to support them in the varying ways they need.

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The agency is doing well - they have the NHS as a client and are working hard on Covid-19 comms. Different clients have different speeds of response - some campaigns, like the NHS coronavirus work, is turned around with incredible speed, aimed at a multitude of audiences such as BAME. Other clients are coming back more slowly, and some have gone completely dark, depending on the sector.

The leadership team have been focussed on making sure that resourcing is right, and people are swapping across teams like never before, and the teams are embracing new ways of working and new client brands.

He also talks about how they've helped clients pivot campaigns, in particular shifting Persil from 'Dirt is good' to 'Home is good'. Commercials are now being turned around in a week (compared to large dramatic productions that may have taken a year in the past!)

They also discuss 'desire paths' - the paths humans desire rather than create - including creativity, collaboration, decisiveness, meetings starting on time and how he wants to pave them before they revert back to previous ways of working.

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