Mini-Squawk: Katie Lee, CEO, Lucky Generals

Suki and Katie discuss the highs and lows of WFH and the pandemic

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Katie talks about how they've managed their client relationships in lockdown. They had done a lot of planning, and whilst the transition was then seamless, it wasn't without its challenges.  

Lots of work had to be cancelled because it was no longer appropriate. All their clients - from Zoopla, Amazon, the Co-op, Yorkshire TV  - have all made some form of reactive covid related work, although the challenges for each one is different. Their role was to help their clients keep on track whilst they dealt with other business issues such as supply chains.

Their new business director has put together a phenomenal cultural programme to keep their culture alive, which they will keep going when they can go back - their staff are really looking forwards to getting back to the office, they miss the space and miss each other!

Suki Thompson

Founder / Chair, Oystercatchers

Suki Thompson is an entrepreneur and transformational business leader. She is CEO and co-founder of Oystercatchers and part of the Centaur management team where she is helping lead Centaur Media, the UK’s leading B2B media publisher, through a journey of transformation anchored in the ability to advise, inform and connect. Suki leads the strategic development of Oystercatchers and is the driving force behind the proprietary evaluation model Optimise™. She works with businesses on transformational change and is part of the team commercialising the ‘M3 model’ bringing marketing and digital together. Suki is also passionate about capability and learning.