Mini Squawk: Kate Howe, Executive Director, MSQ Partners

Suki caught up with Kate to hear all about MSQ Partners and how they've been getting on over the last year.

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MSQ Partners are a joined-up community of agencies. Kate explains how each agency has a different area of expertise which allows them to create specialist teams when required by clients by pulling together different experts from the agencies that sit within MSQ. 

One of the biggest challenges has been not being able to physically get together with clients over the last year; they’ve got closer to clients by working with them through adversity but it’s just not quite the same as being in the same room - recreating small talk just isn’t possible over the likes of Zoom for example. 

Kate discusses being inspired over the last year by their PR and content agencies with how they’ve questioned their business models: “just because it's our business model, it doesn't mean that’s what our clients need”. Targeting Gen Z and being in tune with them as to how they think/feel has changed so much during the lockdowns, and this has meant they've had to evolve a 'culture engine' by constantly fuelling content to make sure their clients are ahead of the game. 

Last summer MSQ Partners ran a survey amongst procurement leaders and CMOs to see what they needed and believed to be changing in the industry, with themes such as sustainability, data, and smart efficient production being key to the findings. Kate further discusses the actions that have come about because of these findings.

Striving for a B Corp status is touched upon, along with getting employees back into the office when they feel comfortable to do so. 

You can see more from MSQ Partners here on our website, and also see Kate feature on our recent Coffee Morning series where she spoke about 'Reimagining B2B marketing for customer success'.

Suki Thompson

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