Mini Squawk: Gareth Mercer, Founding Partner, Pablo London

In the last of this year's Mini Squawks, Suki caught up with Gareth to hear all about the independent agency

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With Pablo hitting second place in this year's Campaign New Business rankings, the independent agency have had an incredible year so Suki caught up with Gareth Mercer, Founding Partner at Pablo to hear more in the last Mini Squawk of the year!

Referring to a Mike Tyson quote to explain how this year has felt, Gareth says: "Everyone's got a plan until they get punched in the face."

He talks about how the agency reacted at the beginning of lockdown - they looked at their strategy for the year, their plans and objectives and were quick to let go of the original plan but still hold on tightly to the objectives. They mapped out a different path to achieving such objectives and were quick off the mark to do so. They further invested in their team and doubled the creative department to ensure they could service their clients even better - and work such as the campaign 'Run Right' which Sky partnered with them, is touched upon along with other great examples.

The agency have also done a lot of thoughtful things this year including giving a large proportion of rent from the office they were no longer in need of to Shelter. And they've been looking after their team incredibly well too - they encouraged rest amongst everyone, scrapped the holiday allowance limitation and made sure everyone took a rest. As an agency they understand the importance of rest and performance - something Gareth gives credit to Ben Kay for, Partner at Pablo, from his sporting days. 

Gareth finishes the catch up with a nod to this year's festive activities - for the first time ever, he's finished his Christmas shopping earlier than ever before! 


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