Mini Squawk: Angus Imlach, founder and CEO, Sweetshop Media

Suki caught up with Angus to hear all about the agency.

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Suki caught up with Angus Imlach, founder and CEO of Sweetshop Media.
The agency began with an influencer marketing focus only 3 years ago and since then it's grown into a fully integrated digital agency with them winning pitches against a few of the bigger agencies. They still very much connect brands and influencers but Angus touches upon the importance of brands not relying solely on an influencers' organic traffic but ensuring further incorporation of content and programmatic advertising for example.
The right kind of client for them are those brands open to exploring new things - clients that trust them. They work with Nokia Mobile UK on their content creation, social media feeds and programmatic advertising, and having uncovered a link between (the very cool) grime scene and Nokia, they're on a mission to reignite that original Nokia culture. 
Angus talks further about the work they did with Hot UK Deals - as a client they were somewhat skeptical about agencies having worked with four unsuccessfully prior to Sweetshop. Angus and the team offered them a performance based deal due to them being so confident that they could hit desired results. And not only were results targets achieved, but so was an additional bonus target. 
How do they stay cool? They make sure to keep a toe in the water at every possible part of sub-culture. 
And with an agency called Sweetshop, the question of Angus's favourite sweet had to be asked...
Flying saucers! 

Check out more from Sweetshop here on our website. 

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