Mini Squawk: Andria Vidler, EMEA CEO, Tag

Suki caught up with Andria to hear what she's been up to since joining marketing production experts Tag; from shoots done via Zoom to their focus on sustainability and the achievements of culture and D&I policies, we couldn't wait to hear from Oystercatchers former CEO (Centaur Media).

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With Oystercatchers being part of Centaur Media, we were excited to hear what our former boss, Andria Vidler, has been up to since joining marketing production experts Tag, as EMEA CEO. 

Andria, CEO of Centaur Media before she joined Tag in January 2020, discusses the silver lining of the pandemic which allowed new ways of working to be introduced. In recent years a flurry of acquisitions at Tag brilliantly built up the existing broad range of experience, but had also created silos within the company, sometimes making it complicated for clients to access that talent.  Initially, much of Andria’s time was spent bringing expertise together, which included consolidating Tag’s roster of brands into two internal teams, Tag Collective Arts and Tag Sourcing Network. This enabled clients to easily access the full omnichannel service at Tag from TV ads to product packaging. 

Being independently run means Tag can be incredibly flexible in terms of who it works with, because it is not tied to specific agencies covering other advertising disciplines in a broader holding group. This independence has given the company an agility and ability to work with many different agencies, with different cultures and styles. Andria was keen to stress that Tag doesn’t look to do the job of creative. Tag’s role is to bring the creative vision to life, and in the most cost effective and socially responsible way possible – no mean feat! 

Tag has been instrumental in getting clients to think more creatively as far as production is concerned. Andria is particularly proud of a TV advert for Bacardi – made without a glamorous overseas location and shot without any crew, carefully coaching the talent to capture the content themselves. Even the coaching was done via Zoom.  

“There is no longer an excuse not to be sustainable but it doesn’t have to be expensive,” Andria says,  as she shares some of the areas for brands to think about when considering reducing their carbon footprint through production: cutting travel, incorporating non-meat catering, thinking about how many people are needed on a set and using local talent as opposed to flying people in.

The need for production to have a seat at the “top table” is touched upon due to its importance in helping clients improve their effectiveness, speed to market and sustainability. If production is at the end of the supply chain, then a CMO can’t take advantage of the opportunity which production can offer. It reduces the scope for meticulous planning to ensure there is no content wastage and that everything is captured as responsibly as possible.

Andria discusses the culture at Tag and how proud she is of the D&I incentives introduced over the last year. Her belief is that if everyone can deliver to their very best and feel they’re reaching their potential; it ensures the best financial performance and delivery for a business. 

Tag has just finished a refit of its London offices which have been fitted with renewable energy to help with its carbon footprint. A hybrid model of working from home and in the office will further help reduce this and give staff some of the flexibility of WFH they are now used to. 

And Andria’s hope for the next year? For people to think how much Tag has got its swagger back!

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Suki Thompson

Founder / Chair, Oystercatchers

Suki Thompson is an entrepreneur and transformational business leader. She is CEO and co-founder of Oystercatchers and part of the Centaur management team where she is helping lead Centaur Media, the UK’s leading B2B media publisher, through a journey of transformation anchored in the ability to advise, inform and connect. Suki leads the strategic development of Oystercatchers and is the driving force behind the proprietary evaluation model Optimise™. She works with businesses on transformational change and is part of the team commercialising the ‘M3 model’ bringing marketing and digital together. Suki is also passionate about capability and learning.