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MINI UK & The Brooklyn Brothers put dogs in the driving seat in new campaign, which partners with The Dogs Trust to help the nation’s dogs travel happier.

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MINI UK announces paw-fect partnership with Dogs Trust to help the nation’s dogs travel happier 🐾

  • MINI UK and Dogs Trust want to ensure all dogs travel happily and safely this summer as leisure travel restrictions lift across the UK
  • 1 in 3 UK families now include a dog[1] – the past year has given over 3 million new dogs unprecedented influence over our lives and our purchase decisions
  • MINI UK research shows that 9/10 dogs are happy in a MINI
  • MINI UK has set itself an ambition to become the first dog-friendly car brand, opening its doors to paws

Opening our doors to paws 🐾

 In a world where every marketer talks about being consumer-centric, Earned-First advertising agency The Brooklyn Brothers have defined a new consumer altogether for MINI. Of the furry, four-legged variety.

 Inspired by the rising influence of dogs on our everyday lives, MINI UK have partnered with Dogs Trust to set out to become the first officially dog-friendly automotive brand. The first step on that journey is now complete as research confirms that 9 out of 10 dogs are happy in a MINI. 

 “As the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, we’re delighted to be part of MINI’s journey to becoming fully dog friendly. It’s really important that your car is right for the whole family, including your four-legged passenger, whose needs and safety requirements are slightly different to ours.” says Dr Jenna Kiddie, Head of Canine Behaviour at Dogs Trust.

 David George, Director of MINI UK says, “Born from our entire team’s passion for dogs, we are so excited to be partnering with Dogs Trust, an organisation that is very close to my heart after we adopted our Lurcher, Harry from them three years ago. With more dogs in families now than ever before, we want to help make sure they travel safely and enjoy the ride.

 “As our partnership continues we are really looking forward to working with Dogs Trust to help us support our MINI and dog-loving customers across the car buying and ownership journey, as we strive to become the UK’s first officially dog-friendly car retailer.”

 To launch the partnership, The Brooklyn Brothers created a joyful film showing a group of characterful dogs getting up close and personal with a range of MINI models, and loving every second.

 “It was clear to us from the beginning that dogs loved MINI as much as people do! So the spirit of ‘MINI loves dogs & dogs love MINI’ captures our point of view brilliantly. We worked with Dan Burn-Forti who brought real distinction to our film & photography,” says Simon Poett, Executive Creative Director at The Brooklyn Brothers.

 Dogs Trust representatives were on set throughout, ensuring best practice. Head of Canine Behaviour, Dr Jenna Kiddie explains some important car safety factors in the behind-the-scenes project film.

9/10 dogs are happy in a MINI 🐾

 Working with the Dogs Trust research team, MINI and The Brooklyn Brothers conducted the biggest known dedicated study into dog happiness in cars by surveying over 1000 MINI owners in the UK.

 The results showed that 91% of dogs are happy in a MINI. This rises to 95% for the MINI Clubman, the hero model for the campaign.

 Dogs Trust identified three ‘happy travel’ behaviours:

  • Being eager and willing to get into the car
  • Being relaxed once in the car
  • Having enough space to stand up, sit or lie down comfortably

 74% of respondents said their dog is relaxed in their MINI and more than half of owners reported their dog displayed all three behaviours.

 The research confirmed that dogs are indeed an important factor in car buying decisions; over half of large and extra-large dog owners chose their MINI because it was big enough for their dog.

 Colette Healy, General Manager - Marketing & Product Management at MINI UK says: “We have lots of dog owners in the MINI UK team and we’ve been putting the cars to the test with our furry friends already. My Labrador is a big Clubman fan - he loves the generous bootspace, and the low ride height means hopping in and out is a doddle. The split rear doors of the MINI Clubman mean I can open one side, clip his lead on and then pop the other door open for a controlled exit in the car park.  He is a big fan of getting as mucky as possible, so I can also confirm the boot mat protects the car with even the soggiest dog on board!”

 Working alongside Dogs Trust canine behaviour experts, MINI is helping to educate people on best practice for happy canine car journeys, as well as supporting dog owners across the car buying and ownership journey. They’re encouraging people to sniff out the new ‘Dogs Hub’, packed with helpful resources and information for dog owners:

 The campaign will be live from 2nd of August at 1pm BST on social and digital media,, cinema and radio.

[1]  PFMA Pet Population report

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