McDonald's: The Gift

The ad follows a teenager who receives a second-hand car from his mum for his birthday, prompting him to drive to Maccies for a cheeky meal. Growing increasingly chuffed with his old banger, he drives past his mates, music blaring as he makes his way back home with some McNuggets for his mum.

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Leo Burnett

As Leo himself once said: “At the end of the day, we’re just people talking to people.”

And that sums up how we think. We never forget that on the other side of every screen, watching every ad or reading every tweet are people. Not just pairs of eyes with credit cards. But human beings, who want to be entertained, engaged and listened to.

Which is why we want to make work that connects on a human level. That everyone will love. Proudly populist creative work that makes people smile, laugh, cry and everything in between. Whether that’s through advertising or managing brand partnerships with our Sports + Entertainment team.

But it’s also why we believe in being decent human beings. Either to work with or to work for. Because putting people first is at the heart of everything we do.