Infotagion: Find the truth. Isolate the lies.

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Fake news spreads faster and more easily today through the internet, social media and instant messaging. This became prevalent during the Covid-19 outbreak. We partnered with Infotagion to create a myth-busting campaign encouraging use of their independent fact checking, service. This campaign aimed to change the way people see the sharing of stories and ‘advice’ about coronavirus. We reframed it from being something that ‘might be helpful’ to something which poses a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of their friends and families.


M&C Saatchi

MAKE CHANGE For 25 years, M&C Saatchi has changed the nation’s attitudes, habits, minds, diets and even its Government. In 2020, we joined forces with the former LIDA agency, boosting our strength in data-driven behaviour change at a personal level. Driving the new agency is Camilla Kemp (CEO) and Ben Golik (CCO), our very own dream team. Our national behaviour change movements are activated right down to the individual and our customer loyalty programmes have found their place in the nation’s heart. This gives us the nous to reach everyone and every single someone, to change how they think and how they act. Whether your brand is facing change – or forcing it – we are at our best when helping clients create opportunity in change.