Guardian Mates

The new campaign for THINK! aims to drive behavioural change in young drivers to reduce handheld mobile use as new laws are introduced to Great Britain.

The Department for Transport’s new campaign for THINK! tackles drivers’ handheld mobile use, which coincides with the stricter laws in Great Britain making virtually any use of a handheld mobile at the wheel illegal. 

Guardian Mates, created by VMLY&R London, uses the power of influence and respect between mates to help drivers tackle the temptation to pick up their mobile while driving. The campaign aims to get drivers to confront their own perceptions and behaviour by making mates present in the issue, even when they’re not present in the car. 

A surreal series of films sit at the heart of the campaign, following two young drivers tempted to use their phones while behind the wheel. As they reach out to pick up their mobile, they are humorously reminded ‘Hands on the wheel? Hands off your phone’ by their suddenly present, safety-conscious guardian mates. 

This campaign continues VMLY&R London’s 5-year strong strategy centring around mateship and leaning on humour to drive real behaviour change; to stop young drivers reaching for their phone, even when they are alone in the car. It finds a way for those closest to our drivers to intervene and look out for them, even if they can’t always be there physically.