Fight Club Round One: Agency models head-to-head

Michael Frohlich, Ogilvy UK, CEO vs Dan Cullen-Shute, Founder and CEO, Creature

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In the first of our Oystercatchers Fight Club bouts, Dan Cullen-Shute, CEO of Creature took on Michael Frohlich, CEO of Ogilvy UK to debate agency models: big vs small, specialist vs integrated, and integrated vs integration.

Each fighter landed powerful blows. Dan argued for simplicity and Michael for client service. 

Dan drew the wonderful analogy of rummaging in an over-full kitchen drawer full of implements and pans when all you want is a teaspoon. Michael raised the very valid point that agency choice is horses for courses - big global clients need big global agencies and smaller clients are often looking for a smaller shop - but ultimately agency life should be about looking after your people and your clients.

The vote was close, and the ultimate winner was... you'll have to watch the video to find out


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