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Landor & Fitch reveals new brand identity for FCM

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A new brand identity has been created for FCM, the global travel management company. The new brand expression celebrates FCM’s vibrant, unconventional spirit.

The aim of the brand refresh is to reintroduce the company as the number one alternative to the mega Travel Management Companies (TMCs) as well as strengthen its position against new tech-only industry disruptors.

Hero elements

The ‘green journey line’ has been introduced across every touchpoint: an iconic graphic that references the seamless journey FCM helps its customers make. This can also show FCM, moving with agility to support their customers.

Tone of voice

A new tone of voice has been introduced. It’s called ‘Surprisingly Smooth’ and allows FCM to communicate with a pace and focus that reflects their service. It also brings a unique twist to every piece of copy, ensuring that the brand’s “Alternative” DNA always comes to life.

Simple, smooth, but packing the element of surprise, this guidance gives FCM a consistent - yet engagingly different - voice, with the power to cut through the sea of sameness.

Brand expression

Built from its unique culture and DNA, the new FCM brand is rooted in the idea of ‘Think Fluid’, highlighting its alternative point of view, more flexible approach, and FCM’s ability to enable greater agility for their clients in a continually disrupted world.

FCM’s ways of working and dedication to its clients’ needs means that they’re always going above and beyond to create a seamless, traveller-focused service. This dedication is brought to life through its DNA, ‘We Always Find A Way’.

Brand Architecture

Previously, the FCM offer was diluted across multiple productised offers, each with their own brand. The multiple sub-brands and products created a more fragmented and complicated journey for their customers. In addition, their ‘SAM’ app wasn’t building any equity into the FCM Masterbrand or driving reappraisal of their tech credentials.

Under a new Masterbrand-led architecture, Landor & Fitch has helped to reduce the number of different sub-brands that customers interact with, thereby strengthening their relationship with the FCM brand across the entire offer.

In addition, the SAM app brand has been retired, and instead its functionality and AI-enabled travel assistant has been elevated to be part of the core FCM experience across every channel, helping to drive reappraisal and strengthen FCM’s position against some of the more technology-led competitors.

Landor & Fitch

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