EE A close yet far shave

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EE, has put high performance and innovation front-and-centre in its latest campaign, to highlight that when it counts, you can count on EE’s mobile network. The star of the show, second to EE’s network, is Lucifer actor, Tom Ellis, who puts his neck, and more specifically, his lockdown beard, on the line, in the shave that was shot live using the mobile network and robotic arm controlled remotely by a barber.

The campaign sees the Welsh star 729 metres above sea level on Snowdon / Yr Wyddfa, Wales. Using EE’s 4G network from a vantage point on the Pyg Track walking route, Tom is on a video call on the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, where he is jovially teased by EE favourite Kevin Bacon, who himself wears his lockdown facial hair with pride, before taking the hot seat – a barber’s chair which is set atop the rugged vista. 

From 250-miles away, the barber and his celebrity customer can only communicate over live video call – from the vantage point that sits along the Pyg Track, Ellis uses the same 4G network available to EE customers, while the Barber uses 5G on EE from his London location. With the critical moment upon him, Ellis asks: “Kev, are you sure about this?”. Kevin Bacon casually replies, “Relax, it’s all connected to the EE network”.

It launches tonight on ITV’s Coronation Street and The Masked Singer, with highlights during this weekend’s high-powered TV programming, including French Open Tennis, Monaco GP and Sicario 2 and will be supported through the line, including TV, Video, YouTube, Digital Audio, Podcasts, Social and OOH.

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