Durex - Let's Not Go Back to Normal

As lockdown restrictions around the world continue to ease, a new film from Durex reprises its call to not go back to normal – because normal wasn’t good enough.

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The film reprises Durex’s empowering manifesto – first released in a series of executions in early May 2020 – which points to ‘norms’ such as shaming women who carry condoms, men not wearing them because they don’t like the ‘feel’ and one million preventable STIs every single day. It argues that the current crisis represents a unique chance to reset what is ‘normal’ – and that nobody should want to return to a normal where we weren’t protecting ourselves and each other anyway.

The film was promoted globally, via organic and paid social posts across the world. It launched in Italy and Greece, with Russia and the UK following a few weeks post this - ahead of further regional executions that went live in-line with the easing of local lockdown restrictions.

The Let’s Not Go Back to Normal campaign follows the launch of Durex’s major new positioning and visual identity, ‘Challenge the Norms’, earlier in the year (2020). The sex-positive brand relaunch positioned Durex as a mainstream activist against sexual taboos, stigmas and outdated, non-inclusive attitudes and instead vowed to showcase the ‘positive reality’ of sex.

Since the lockdown began, the brand has remained true to this tone of voice in an authentic yet contextually relevant way, with messaging including ‘We’ve been protecting people since 1929. Now it’s your turn’, ‘Come together, apart. You don’t have to share a bed to have great sex’ and ‘Staying in doesn’t mean you can’t explore.’

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