Dunelm - Dun Your Way

Dun Your Way - a bold new brand platform for Dunelm.

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The pandemic was a turning point for many homeware retailers, and Dunelm were no exception. They saw a year of record sales and visitors to their stores and built a huge online community. All this helped them further define their role for customers, build their sustainability credentials and do more work with causes that matter to them and their loyal fans.

The challenge for Dunelm, and for us, was how to maintain this growth as people begin to get back to their pre-pandemic lives and build a brand platform that ensures Dunelm become a household name that stands out in a sea of homeware sameness.

We knew we had to create a bold step change for Dunelm and a platform that was ownable and uniquely theirs. In our research we landed on an insight that felt true to Dunelm customers more than any other – they don’t aspire to the Instagram Home ideal that dominates the sector’s communications. Instead, they purchase and decorate their homes based simply on what they like.

This insight led us to Dun Your Way. A powerful brand position empowers customers to embrace individuality through non-judgmental self-expression and help them create a home that brings them joy, done their way and no one else’s.

It also connects with Dunelm’s brand purpose: to help create the joy of truly feeling at home. Now and for the generations to come.

We launched this new brand platform in a huge cross-channel integrated campaign that includes radio, social, in-store, digital and online. Leading with our hero film, directed by Stephen Pipe, we open in a dystopian, washed-out street of sameness. The monotony is punctured by one defiant and confident Dunelm customer who arrives home with their new haul of purchases, setting off a chain reaction with neighbours who are inspired to start their own transformations, all set to iconic track Do Your Thing by Basement Jaxx.

The campaign is still in its first stage, but we are already seeing positive results with Dunelm customers and the advertising industry.


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