Ballantine's - Light 'Half and ad'

The launch campaign for Ballantine’s Light – a new lower-alcohol product from the brand which has become the No.1 Scotch in Europe and the No. 2 Scotch in the world.

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The way we strategically framed the product benefit was beautifully simple: ‘half the alcohol, all the character’ (of Ballantine’s Finest – the best-selling 40% ABV product).

And this called for a beautifully simple creative idea. An idea which keeps the product benefit at its very centre and does so in a fresh way which grabs attention and is a true departure from other advertising in the category. The product launch was also an opportunity to portray a lighter-hearted expression of the Ballantine’s brand, tonally, befitting of the new product’s name.

Josh McCarthy, Global Brand Communications and Digital Transformation Director, commented: “With this campaign we are showing that with ‘half an ad’, you can still get all the fun that you get in a full ad. Just like with Ballantine’s Light, a lower alcohol alternative that delivers all the character and great taste of Ballantine’s, at half the alcohol. After all, we continue to champion our belief in ‘Stay True: There’s No Wrong Way’; celebrating that there's no wrong way to drink Ballantine’s!”

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