Asking better questions - creativity and curiosity

​Suki Thompson and Bill Kanarick, Global Leader Customer Practice at EY, discuss the role of creativity, and the importance of asking better questions.

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Cannes is of course a celebration of global creativity, but this year in particular the focus is on creativity more than ever - not just the data and tech that has dominated in recent years. Creativity is supporting disruption and enabling brands to be more future facing, and the agenda at Cannes is increasingly focussed on the application and role of creativity. 

The role of the CMO is not only critically important as a contributor to how businesses transform and disrupt in digital age, but in addition to being the steward of the brand, the CMO is now the advocate for the customer in the future of the company. To be truly impactful, the CMO must interact more closely with other functions and influencers within an organisation - CFO, CTO - and it is increasingly the case that better relationships with these other key roles is fundamental to CMO's role.

Asking better questions is at the heart of this, to understand not just where brands are now but where they need to be going, and putting the customer at the heart of a brand is central to that conversation. Going forwards, the role of expertise is increasingly about curiosity about the future. 

As Bill says, "it's like Back to the Future - "where we're going, there are no roads!"


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