This Girl Can: #FitGotReal

#FitGotReal is the newest phase of our This Girl Can campaign for Sport England, showing real women of different ages and backgrounds doing exercise their own way. Because, it all counts.

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This Girl Can’s mission to get women sweating, wiggling and jiggling continues, celebrating all the girls out there getting active; no matter what they do, how well they do it, or how red-faced they get in the process. 

Fit Got Real is the latest campaign from This Girl Can, aiming to inspire 250,000 more women to get active. This campaign seeks to redefine the very concept of what it means to get active, democratising exercise for all women, regardless of how much money, time or energy they have. It challenges the conventional idea of what exercise looks like, what counts and encourages the traditional sports and exercise world to adapt to the lives of real women.

Whether it’s 20 minute YouTube work outs in the front room, running with a buggy, hula-hooping in the kitchen, using free park gym facilities… it all counts. And we think it is certainly worth shouting about. 

Thousands of women, especially those from lower socio-economic groups, want to exercise but just don’t have enough time, money or energy to take part in conventional exercise and sports. Fit Got Real is a celebration of the diverse and unconventional ways that women manage to fit exercise into their busy lives.

Set to Don’t Rain On My Parade by Barbra Streisand, our film shines a light on the realities of what exercise actually looks like for women all over the country. Unfiltered. Unapologetic. And totally unscripted. Fit Got Real isn’t about following fitness fads or fashion. It’s about getting active in a way that actually fits your life. The scenes were all inspired by the real women we cast, doing what they really do with confidence, joy and attitude.

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