Persil, Unilever: Home is Good

Persil's latest campaign during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

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As a brand that believes in the goodness of dirt, and in the importance of outdoor learning we asked ourselves: what role does dirt play in our lives now and how do we as a brand stay relevant in this new reality?

In the face of uncertainty, dirt can lift our spirits, calm our fears, and make us feel part of a community, even if we’re apart.  We realise that the world indoors can be just as good as the world outdoors.


Foot drawings are good.

Passing on a family recipe is good. 

DIY workouts are good.

Making volcano experiments is good.

Dress up games are good.  

Building bug hotels is good.  

Painting rainbows is good.

Home is Good


Our campaign will begin with a series of social posts highlighting the need for us all to stay indoors, to act responsibly for the benefit of everyone.  Our film will reinforce this message of coming together by playing apart for the greater good of us all.

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