'Oxygene' campaign for sloggi

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Launching 2nd April 

Today we launch a new campaign for underwear brand sloggi’s new Oxygene bra.  

The film, titled Mind-blowingly Light, is a surreal and poppy dramatisation of the feeling of wearing the Oxygene.

The story is told through the eyes of an underwear ad anti-hero, as she straps into her sloggi Oxygene. From the moment her clasp clicks, she is transported to a mixed-media world inspired by the extreme lightness of the bra. 

From turning into an anime character in cotton candy clouds to a real-life renaissance painting to giant meringue mountains, each scene is more fantastical than the next.

After making her way through a series of mind-blowing scenes, the hero’s journey culminates with her riding a cloud, her Oxygene bra on glorious display.  The campaign aims to showcase the mind-blowing feeling of sloggi’s lightest ever bra by taking the audience through an unforgettable film they won’t be able to take their eyes away from. 

Bronwyn Sweeney, Creative Lead at MullenLowe in London said: “My partner Loren Cook and I wanted to make a bra ad we'd want to watch. We took inspiration from music videos instead of classic bra ads to create a film that felt more like an experience putting the sloggi Oxygene at the centre of these mind-blowing scenes. We felt really lucky to have a client who was on board with the idea and honestly, it’s our favourite thing we’ve ever worked on.  When else do you get to say bucking cloud bronco and see it happen?”

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