A Girl Called Dave

Did you know that at the beginning of 2017, that there are more CEO’s in the FTSE 100 named Dave than women of any name?

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Society and the economy flourish when everyone is able to realise their true potential.

But for most of society you can only be what you see: half of the population is held back because young women are lacking visible female role models. This prevents them from seeing and fully realising their potential, which limits their ambition. Investec Private Bank is passionate about changing this for good.

We created an initiative between Investec Private Bank and The Female Lead, a non-profit organisation, to provide young girls with a true diversity of female role models. Because SEEING IS BELIEVING.

The Female Lead has produced a book of 60 inspiring women and we are helping to drive distribution of this through schools and online, getting these inspiring women in front of young girls.

Investec’s own channels provide further support to the campaign, from social posts to an inspiring section on their own magazine site, The STAND.

Eye-catching DOOH in high footfall locations uses responsive technology to broadcast tailored messages: driving the older audience to the book promotion and the younger audience to view material at The Female Lead’s website.

Phase 2 will include a female role model nomination campaign for the general public and events in partnership with Harper’s Bazaar to drive more inspirational women to step forward as role models. #Shesmyinspiration

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