Hey Girls - UNsanitary

We partnered with Hey Girls to launch a new brand, UNsanitary. Packs were filled with toilet roll, newspaper or socks to highlight the shocking reality that 1 in 10 girls in the UK are suffering from period poverty.

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On behalf of Hey Girls, we created and launched UNsanitary, a brand that raised awareness of how 1 in 10 girls and young women in the UK are being forced into using unhygienic and unsafe alternatives to sanitary products.

This range of branded products contained items girls are forced to use instead of real sanitary products – newspaper, loo roll and socks. They were packaged so that at a glance they appeared to resemble genuine sanitary products, but on closer inspection were revealed to be their unsanitary alternatives.  

They were launched on shelf and at pop-ups in selected ASDA stores on 15th February. We created a fully integrated campaign to support the launch including influencers, social, nationwide digital out-of-home and press. 

The campaign was supported by The Big Issue who created a 24-page special magazine about periods, menstrual products, poverty, activism and the environment.


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