Culture for performance: highlights from the Oystercatchers Club

Purposeful and unifying company culture is no longer a 'nice to have'. It's a proven performance driver, and it has to come from the top.

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We had a packed room to kick off 2020, and our panel - Claire Cronin, CMO, Virgin Atlantic; Tom Pepper, Senior Director - Head of Marketing Solutions UK, Ireland & Israel, LinkedIn; Anna Hill, SVP and General Manager, WW (formerly Weight Watchers); and Adrian Walcott, Managing Director, Brands with Values; Co-Founder, BAME2020 - shared some wonderful and honest insights with the assembled crowd of senior brand and agency marketers.  

They talked about their experiences of building, and being part of, productive company cultures that unit employees behind clear shared values and the importance of leadership in setting that cultural agenda. There were common themes of trust, respect and autonomy, and a sense of shared purpose that brings teams together.

They also discussed the findings of the Creative Industries Culture Index. Ours is a largely values driven, inclusive and community focussed industry that is aligned at all levels of the organisation. There is some work to do – clients have a harder time balancing boldness and creativity with the wider commercial pressures of their organisations, and whilst inclusivity is good, there is a way to go to translate the talk into action. The same is true of sustainability – it’s a focus for where the industry wants to go, with the understanding that it’s not actually there yet.

Our attendees left full of inspiriation and ideas to take back to their teams, which we think is great news.


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