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Our new campaign for Cotswold Co. called ‘Forever Furniture’ sought to connect with people in a more emotional way to the previous DRTV campaigns the Cotswold Co. had run previously, to start to build its brand equity and become a major contender in the competitive furniture retail space.

The TV creative, Directed by Zhang & Knight, centres around beautiful, timeless pieces of Cotswold Co. furniture. In each vignette, we focus on a particular piece of furniture, the scene begins to brighten, and light moves across the room — like sunlight moving across the sky towards sunset. What follows is a technically mesmerising scene, as the room's styling changes each time the sun ‘sets’ and rises — plants grow, clothes in the wardrobe change and are added to as the family grows, and soft furnishings are updated. The endline states simply – Cotswold Co. Forever Furniture.

James Birtwhistle, Marketing Director and Co-Founder of The Cotswold Company said before the launch, “It's been a delight to welcome Creature into the Cotswold Company and work with them as an extension of our team. Identifying partners that share our passion for products, and our commitment to quality and style is hard, but Creature really get it. Exciting times indeed!" 


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