CALM: #LetWhatsInsideOut

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) has partnered with retailer Topshop to create the Care Sewn In clothing label to promote mental wellbeing and self-care in young people.

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In support of The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), we partnered with retailer Topshop to create a new clothing range and campaign with ‘Care Labels’ to promote mental wellbeing and selfcare in young people.

As part of our #LetWhatsInsideOut campaign, we took out the ‘Care Label’ usually sewn on the inside, to be sewn on the outside. These labels gave ‘instructions’ – using the universally recognised icons (hand wash, iron, bleach) on how to care for yourself or others by opening up and talking. These labels were stitched boldly on the outside of 13 garments that were available in 15 Topshop flagship stores and online, helping to spread the message of self-care and awareness of CALM’s helpline and webchat services.

The campaign has been a huge success, reaching over 75 million people with our message. It became a news item, generating over 200 pieces of earned media, even Lorraine featured the collection on her TV show, which led to the collection trending on launch day selling over 2.3k garments. We even got teenagers talking to each other, with 21k men and women engaged with the campaign.

But most crucially, those who really needed to talk, felt encouraged to contact CALM, and talk. The number of searches for CALM doubled on launch day.

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