Sharps Brewery: Ocean Vinyl

Sharp’s Brewery and musician Nick Mulvey have created the music industry's first playable record made from recycled ocean plastic. Ocean Vinyl, devised by Havas in partnership with Universal Music, sees proceeds from the track go to conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage.

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We partnered Sharp’s Brewery with the charity, Surfers Against Sewage to help raise awareness of one of the biggest global environmental threats of our time, ocean plastic pollution. Their goal was to raise awareness, raise funds and to try and inspire communities to take action to protect the ocean and its wildlife. We used our relationship with Vivendi to team Sharp’s Brewery up with Universal Music Group to assist with raising funds for the charity.

Touching on the Cornish roots of the brand, we collaborated Sharp’s Brewery with Universal Music’s Nick Mulvey to create ‘Ocean Vinyl’, the first playable vinyl made from reclaimed ocean plastic from Cornish beaches. This campaign helped highlight the epidemic of plastic ocean waste while also raising money for coastal protection group Surfers Against Sewage. It turned the idea of single-use plastic, something that is constantly surrounded by negative press, into something positive; a way of spreading the charity’s message as well as encouraging people to help clean up the UK’s coastline.

All proceeds from sales of the recycled record, as well as digital streams on Spotify and Apple Music, went to Surfers Against Sewage to help protect British coastlines from pollution, specifically plastic waste.

The Ocean Vinyl was a huge success: Sky News described the vinyl as a ‘work of art’. The vinyl sold out in 3 minutes of initial release, with the campaign having 24 million media impressions. Nick

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