Gaviscon Night Labs: The Mealstopper

Night Labs concocts hilariously over-the-top solutions to common heartburn triggers, before pointing out that much simpler solution exists: Gaviscon's Double Action Tablets. Aimed at Millennials and Gen Z, it is the latest effort under its D&AD-winning ‘Go On’ brand platform.

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The campaign continues Gaviscon’s strategy of targeting young people, whose fast-paced lives of work and socialising are giving them heartburn – with symptoms being first felt on average at 23-years-old. Despite this, people in their twenties rarely acknowledge the problem, let alone embrace a serious solution; instead, they try their best to keep going, determined that heartburn won’t ruin their fun.

The spots feature the brand’s "night lab", an '80s-inspired scientific hub on a mission to counteract the top causes of heartburn. After testing out a series of impractical solutions, including chippy-flavoured frozen yoghurt, a Willy Wonka-esque jawbreaker and adhesive fast-food patches (which, to be honest, sound like a brilliant idea), the lab discovers that the simplest solution is Gaviscon’s Double Action tablets.

We also created a microsite featuring recipes, as well as a competition where customers can win a Night Labs Test Kit, including takeaway vouchers, a wiggly straw, a tiny knife and fork (to slow down the pace of eating, obviously) and vouchers for the tablets.

This campaign is the latest installment in our Gaviscon’s "Go on" campaign, which saw the brand serve pH-neutral street food to millennials in order to reduce heartburn and indigestion. 

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