Esso - Daddy No Legs

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"Daddy No Legs" is a film produced for Esso in collaboration with adam&eveDDB. It follows David Birrell, an inspirational, real-life father whose ultimate goal - as a double amputee - is to take part in one of the world's most prestigious and oldest active sports car races in 2022. 

Directed by Oscar nominated, multi-award winning ITN's director Marcel Mettelsiefen, the film was shot in a documentary style and is narrated by David himself. 

The research was undertaken in-house and steered by the director, which led to a stronger bond between the director and protagonist, and a deeper engagement with the agency and brand.



Client: ExxonMobil 

Brand: Esso Executive Creative 

Director: Paul Cohen Creatives: Sophie Knox and Miles Carter

 Agency Producer: Stephen Mead 

Account Director: Alannah Wells Senior 

Account Manager: Katie Hounsome 

Production Company: ITN Productions 

Executive Producer: Flavia Blajfeder 

Producer: Noelia Lage Vazquez 

Director: Marcel Mettelsiefen 

D.O.P: Ben Magahy 

Editing Company: ITN Productions 

Editor: Stephen Ellis 

Colourist: Toby Tomkins, Cheat It Soundtrack Composer 

Director's Cut: Michael Kadelbach 

Audio Post Production Director's Cut: Jez Spencer

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