Disrupting passive insurance renewal behaviour and challenging the legacy brands

Green Flag tell us exactly why they think the AA are great in the second TV instalment of our punchy ‘Common Sense to the Rescue’ brand idea.

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Most people tend to choose a road-side assistance company and stick with them, regardless of rises in cost or lapses in performance. Our challenge was to get consumers thinking differently about who they sign with with and to consider Green Flag as an alternative option. 


Our strategic approach had three key principles. Improve perceptions of Green Flag and disrupt perceptions of the AA and RAC by highlighting their areas of weakness. Show that Green Flag offer the same quality as the competition, but for less. 

And finally, create clear visual and tonal distance from the other companies in the sector. This meant dispensing of the category tropes like branded vans with smiling mechanics and presenting something far more challenging, fresh and energetic. 

The idea positioned Green Flag as the road-side assistance company that was here to rescue people from the shortcomings of their competitors. We wanted to jolt customers of competitors out of autopilot renewals by highlighting that Green Flag offers a ‘common sense’ alternative. Starting with TV, we spread our message far and wide across radio and paid social channels.


Green Flag bold new position has improved brand perceptions in almost every way. Green Flag’s Millward Brown brand power score more than doubled from 10.9 to 22.2.

Awareness increased by +12%, unaided consideration went up +7% and perceptions of value for money rose by +5.8%. 

More importantly, it succeeded in disrupting the sleepwalking renewal behaviour leading to a 7% increase in quotes and achieving double-digit growth in total revenue from new policies (gross written premiums).


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