Believe in Better

To coincide with the launch of the much-anticipated Disney Pixar summer blockbuster, Incredibles 2, Sky Broadband is proud to launch its latest TV-led campaign.

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Back in 2006, Sky was known for Sky Sports and Sky movies. It had extremely transactional relationships and customers, particularly women, didn’t welcome the brand into their homes. 

Our challenge was to find an expression that employees and customers could get behind, to help transform Sky into a brand people loved. 


We started our search for Sky’s brand expression by looking deeply into what the company focused on. There we found a constant drive to improve, to deliver something better for customers, to give customers things they didn’t know they wanted until they had them and to always keep pushing. 

It was a business that was constantly asking, how can we make that better? 

To articulate this sentiment to sky’s customers we created the expression, ‘Believe in Better.’ For ‘Believe in Better’ to work, it needed to bring it to life with a constant stream of stories, evidence and good news for customers. 

Crucially, it was both a promise to customers and a mantra for staff. ‘Believe in Better’ reminds the 25,000+ staff that everyone is there to make their customers’ lives that little bit better. 

‘Believe in Better’ has been the catalyst that’s driven a shift in brand perceptions. Not on its own, but in tandem with communications that reminded people what kind of brand Sky was. ‘Believe in Better’ has allowed Sky to unashamedly celebrate the great content it offers, backed up by a compelling reasons to believe that run through all communications as the foundation. 


‘Believe in Better’ now runs through Sky as both a promise to customers and a mantra for its 25,000+ staff and has been the catalyst that has driven a shift in brand perceptions. 

Sky is now truly welcomed into its customers’ homes and there isn’t one part of the business that hasn’t been profoundly influenced by ‘Believe in Better’.

Sky has even built a ‘Believe in Better’ building.


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