Pizza Hut Delivery | Too Good To Be True

Hailing Pizza Hut Delivery’s amazing deals with just the truth.

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Following on from the success of the ‘Toppling Domino’s’ campaign launched in early 2019, Pizza Hut Delivery wanted to re-communicate their commitment to delivering unbeatable value.

So, for our second Pizza Hut campaign, we decided to showcase Pizza Hut Delivery’s supreme deals as ‘Too good to be true, but true’.

The digital campaign is part of the ‘Now That’s Delivering’ brand platform and mimics the same playfulness as the original film. But, this time we focused on Pizza Hut Delivery’s amazing £5 Favourites Menu, including medium sized pizzas and sides for just £5 – a deal which some consumers have struggled to believe is true.

We brought back Parker J Patterson in a comical hero film, where he presentsa series of untruths, beginning with ‘professional footballers are underpaid’ and a series of truths that highlight the great value of the £5 FavouritesMenu. 

‘The liar liar pants on fire Pants of Truth’ catch fire when hearing the lies, but stay perfectly intact when presented with the truths of the ‘£5 FavouritesMenu’ - highlighting Pizza Hut Delivery’s amazing deals in an entertaining way.

The film went live across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and Tabmo, supported by a series of 6-second retargeting films.


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