Bio-Oil 'For Your Hard Knock Life'

The campaign highlights the amazing things our bodies go through on a daily basis: from learning to ride a bike, to playing sport, to pregnancy, to major illness, life can be pretty tough on our skin. Yet throughout it all, Bio-Oil is here to help you.

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Our Objective

Creating a global toolkit, based on a rich insight and truth allowed us to tell a breadth of stories about what our bodies go through everyday.

Our Solution

We kicked off our Hard Knock Life with a film about the everyday scrapes and bumps we pick up. Then carried on with stories for different people at different stages of life. People followed the films, relating to the experiences and seeing how Bio-oil could be a consistent in their lives.

From ‘Outdoor’ for the more adventurous who pick up their knocks through sports and activities, to ‘Tummy’ that celebrated childbirth and the impact this has on a stomach and the role Bio Oil can play- there was something for everyone.

We didn’t shy from telling any story: ‘Boobs’ asked what are perfect boobs anyway? From those that tried to kill to those that you’re trying to love again, Bio Oil can help.


The social films have earned over 6 million video views and counting.

This is a 352% increase in engagement compared to the previous brand campaign!

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