Fight Club Round Three: Should we live in a world without intermediaries?

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With our very own Suki Thompson, Chair of Oystercatchers and Executive Director of Xeim, and Luke Smith, Founder and CEO of Croud, taking on ‘should we live in a world without intermediaries?’, the final bout was set to be an interesting one.

Both contenders threw their hats into the ring and delivered successful blows to their opponent. Luke argued that pitches should be treated differently and less of a ‘peacocking show’. Suki fought back with the understanding of the market place that intermediaries have.

Luke further questioned how much is known about the digital landscape whilst Suki highlighted how many hours it takes to become an expert in the field, of which her and her team heavily surpass.

It was a serious debate but with a light touch -  comparisons to Don Corleone included - and a close call. Watch the video to find out who won.

Emma Cartwright

Marketing Manager, Oystercatchers