Fight Club Round Two: Is data crushing creative risk?

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The second bout from our Oystercatchers Fight Club saw Cheryl Calverley, CMO of Eve Sleep take on Tom Laranjo, Managing Director of Total Media, on whether data is crushing creative risk. 

The gloves were well and truly off as Cheryl argued data is crushing creativity whilst Tom defended the punches thrown in data’s direction. 
Cheryl weighed in on the next generation of marketers being brought up on data and the disadvantages; not learning what makes people laugh, cry and love, all of which are important to the unexpected dopamine kick found through creativity. On the contrary, Tom explained it is in fact the lazy perceptions of data that are killing creativity rather than data itself, and when used correctly it can help to fire creativity.
Needless to say, it was a very close bout and you can see who was hailed the triumphant winner here in the video.

Emma Cartwright

Marketing Manager, Oystercatchers