Suzuki 'Enjoy The Ride'

Red Brick Road have developed a bold new campaign for Suzuki Cars. Set on a dodgem ride within a fairground, the campaign showcases Suzuki cars unleashed in a world of bright lights and fun, underpinned by the campaign line 'Enjoy the Ride.’

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Red Brick Road

Red Brick Road are an 12 year old independent agency based in London's Clerkenwell area. Our proposition is clear and focused: we specialize in creating ideas that get your brand a following. One where people cherish you, admire you and essentially become your media - ultimately generating a higher ROI. Our Team operate at the forefront of trends, tech and ideas. We are obsessed with not only getting our clients strong, game-changing results, but also with seeping their brand into culture and getting them under the skin of consumers. We believe in giving comms a long life, not a shelf-life. A brand without a following gets left behind.

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