Samsung | Era of Live

Repositioning the consumer experience of the Galaxy A brand.

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While flagship phones get the media attention, it's Samsung’s mass market A Series that drives its global volume. Historically it has been the highest selling phone range in the world.

But when Chinese brands Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo aggressively entered the mass market 4 years ago, Samsung's share took a significant hit.

The secret to the Chinese brands’ success? They were first to respond to the emergence of the Selfie – and owned it for 4 years through consistent branding and purpose-built innovations. They realised that the most important feature on any mass market phone is the camera – and won over a generation of mass market millennials.

Data showed that these Millennials are growing up and moving on to higher end devices. We helped Samsung focus on the emerging opportunity - Gen Z who get their first phone at 12 and will number 2 billion by 2020.

For this audience, smartphone cameras were just as important - but were being used in a very different way. Gen Z were not just taking selfies, but using their cameras to combine video, music and chat to share their lives in real-time.

While the Chinese brands were still stuck in the Era of Selfie, Samsung could leapfrog them by being the brand to introduce the world to the next mass market smartphone era.

Galaxy A was the first smartphone range ‘Built for the Era of Live’.

Designed to influence the entire consumer experience of the Galaxy A brand, the new positioning was unveiled at an ‘Unpacked’ launch event in April and has been rolled out in all Samsung markets globally. It is the first time Samsung has promoted an entire range through a single positioning ATL, retail and .com.

The repositioning has inspired key product innovations and partnerships to differentiate the range, including a unique rotating camera and the introduction of ‘Go Pro’ style steady video technology to the mass market for the first time.


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