Huawei: StorySign App

Developed with an understanding of sign syntax to ensure a seamless translation and user experience, StorySign helps to open the world of books to deaf children and their families; users simply hold their phone up to the words on the page and avatar Star signs the story as the printed words are highlighted. This helps parents and children to learn to read together, and at their own pace.

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Mar 27, 2019
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FCB Inferno

We are inundated with thousands of commercial messages every day. Sadly, most of our industry’s output is at best formulaic and forgettable. At worst, it’s an irritant or even a social pollutant. We believe that commercially and morally, we have an obligation to make our work interesting. Not just because it’s noticed more, engaged with more and shared more. But because it is only the more interesting work that can break through the noise and make a commercial difference to our clients’ businesses. We will always fight for creative which adds to the global stock of interesting. Your success is our success.

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