DePaul - Unheard

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Our campaign for Depaul UK raises awareness of young people experiencing homelessness by using Spotify playlists to tell their stories. The campaign was created with the support of Spotify, Facebook and Sony Music.

Using Spotify playlists, the stories of George, 20, Kristina, 20, Fatos, 25, Jecoliah, 19, and Emma, 21, are told using song titles in an emotional and personal way.

As users read the titles of the songs on each specially curated playlist, they learn the story of the young person behind it and about their experience with homelessness. In the end, a final 'track' allows the listener to hear directly from the individual, giving a unique insight into their previously unheard story. This way, the diverse playlists break down stereotypes of people who experience homelessness at any point in their lives, by sharing personal accounts of the varied circumstances which could lead to someone not having a home.

'Sharing my own story through a Spotify playlist has helped me to show the world, but also to myself, how strong I am as a person Music has always given me strength. It helped me escape homelessness, to become a better person, and through this project I hope that it can help other young people to do the same' - Jecoliah, featured in the campaign


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