Domino's: The Journey to Greatness

When faced with new challenges to business growth and brand perceptions, Domino’s UK broke with category conventions and turned a promotions-led business into a people-powered brand – by putting audiences first and making the takeaway occasions that matter to them feel even greater.

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Domino’s had enjoyed constant growth since arriving in the UK. However, other pizza companies copied our successful promotions formula, pizza eaters became more fickle, and premium offerings entered the market. In 2013 Domino’s sales growth, perceived quality, value and experience were in YOY decline for the first time ever.

For too long the category had trodden a familiar path of interchangeable promotions, products and messaging. Not for the first time in its history Domino’s forged a new path, this time by focusing on and proving the worth of creating a more multi-faceted, customer-focused brand.

We started afresh. Domino’s most in-depth customer segmentation ever revealed a rapidly growing consumer base of parents, worth up to £44m in new sales annually. Ethnographic studies and social listening showed that for parents, pizza is something the family gather around together.

So we changed from being a logistics company, delivering pizza to young people, to being a brand that delivered greatness to families at mealtimes.

‘Greatness From Domino’s’ fully launched in 2014 to help the brand not just communicate value but elevate itself to play a more valuable role in the hearts and lives of more people, more often.  

This transformed our marketing and communications. We moved from oneoff tactical campaigns to moments; and from media that sold pizza, to media that celebrated how a Domino’s pizza made meal occasions great.

‘Greatness From Domino’s’ didn’t just signal a change in the brand’s tone and messaging, but it was at the heart of a new business behavioural model for Domino’s. The new focus on building products, services and comms to serve a broader range of customers and occasions influenced the NPD as well as the communications calendar and opened up new sources for growth, with new propositions driving both greater frequency and penetration.

Since its launch ‘Greatness…’ has become embedded in the language, culture and operations of the business, setting new benchmarks for business and brand growth, inspiring the launch of new products, services and channels and ultimately proving to Domino’s stakeholders the value of investing in brand building.

“‘Greatness’ is far more than a communications proposition. The journey the brand and its communications have been on has been transformational and has contributed significantly to successful growth of the business.” - Rebecca Rose, Head of Marketing, Domino’s Pizza Group

Since 2013 we’ve launched the Midweek Rescue, Winter Survival, Big Night In, Pizza Legends and Football Delivery Service initiatives. We’ve focused our media on the occasions that matter, running fewer, better campaigns and using always-on TV airtime, partnerships and sponsorships with the likes of Hollyoaks, X-Factor, The Voice and LADBible. This has opened up new routes to engagement, through social media, topical stunts and new events centred on key occasion-based passions: live football, event TV and gaming.


‘Greatness’ has transformed the business in just three years. Sales, profit and share price have all nearly doubled, with sales reaching £1bn at the end of 2016.

By market share and brand preference we’re now the undisputed no.1 pizza brand in the UK. We’re the fastest growing take-away brand amongst those who sell more than £500m of food a year7.

Our media spend has generated £227m of incremental revenue and £80m of profit. Media ROI has improved by 45%. This means that media has put an average of £287,000 profit in the pocket of each franchisee since 2014. And, critically, we’ve increased weekly base sales for the business9, setting Domino’s up for a future which is, well, greater than ever.

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