Pernod Ricard: Beefeater Pink

Launching the new Beefeater Pink into a fast-growing market that is bustling with competition, to the 18-34 drinkers.

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Pernod Ricard were launching a new strawberry-flavoured gin variant, Beefeater Pink, into a fast-growing market that is bustling with competition. We needed our launch to stand out against our target of 18-34 drinkers. This younger audience don’t choose drinks, they discover them. The first tasting experience is critical to be adopted into their repertoire. For a less standard flavoured gin variant, tasting would be believing. This is why tasting experiences are a powerful marketing touchpoint. However, they are limited in scale and wouldn’t deliver the required increase of +3% in Awareness and +2% in Consideration scores that would translate into our desired sales targets. So, how could we create a ‘taste’ experience for our fantastic-tasting new gin at scale?

We borrowed from the world of wine where our sense of taste is heavily influenced by our sense of smell.

Scent is a powerful but underused medium; it is estimated that 75% of emotion is generated by scent1. All senses have the ability to evoke certain sub-conscious behaviours and memories2. If we can appeal to multiple senses, we can create a unique way of cutting through as “multi-sensory experiences drastically improve memory structure, increase information processing, recall and recognition”3. This gave us a creative way we could deliver a unique strawberry taste experience at scale. Appealing to scent and sight at the same time enabled us to prime consumers to discover, remember and ultimately purchase Beefeater Pink.

We created the first-ever scented OOH underground station domination to delight the senses. Data mapping identified Oxford Circus as having the highest footfall of our target audience, as well as offering proximity to a number of on-trade locations where our new Gin was distributed, thus allowing us to deliver our experience before that all important ‘first bar call’.

We worked with Exterion on delivering a truly innovative multi-sensory solution via the first-ever scented underground station poster domination, filling Oxford Circus station with the sweet aroma of strawberries, immersing our audience in a new gin experience. Exterion invented a new screen printing technique that infused scented liquid into a dry-posted poster featuring vibrant strawberry-laden creative. Transport For London were heavily involved, helping us do something genuinely new. Combining a vinyl-wrapped escalator, escalator panels, and multiple strawberry scented exit corridors, this was an unmissable (but pleasant) bombardment of the eyes and nose.


This campaign delivered the sweet smell of success. We trebled our awareness and consideration targets and doubled sales with a budget under £250k.

  • We achieved a huge +6% shift in Awareness, and an additional +7% in Consideration – over three times the target.
  • The campaign delivered the best NPD results for the business in over 5 years. The brand experienced +102% sales growth over the campaign period versus planned targets. This was particularly impressive as only ATL media had been activated in this period.
  • in 30+ titles, with Mediatel saying “this was one of the best OOH campaigns on record, completely transforming the space”.

This media-first resonated so powerfully because, by utilising the powerful but invisible medium of scent, we made media that went beyond the message: we made it an experience. We’ll drink to that.

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